What is Plex? A Quick Description

What is Plex? A Quick Description

April 2, 2019 Technology 0
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Understand what Plex is without the need to speak tech.

First, imagine how nice it would be if you could have a Netflix-like environment for all of your favorite movies, TV shows, music, audiobooks, podcasts, and even personal media like pictures and home videos.

Then, stop fantasizing because that’s exactly what Plex does. It’s a service that runs on your computer or server, and nicely manages your media for you.

Give it all of your properly-named and organized media files, and it will gather artwork as well as detailed information about your media, then present it in a nice, easy-to-navigate environment – much like Netflix.

Unlike Netflix though, Plex made space for extra features, like interviews, deleted scenes, and alternate endings to video collections. It also made space for audio collections, like music and audiobooks. Not only can music be outfitted with artist and album artwork, but music videos and lyrics can be added to accessorize favorite songs too.

There’s more.

Also unlike other video streaming services, Plex manages media on a computer/server located on your home network. That means that even when your internet service is out, or you’ve hit your Internet Service Provider’s data limit, your media will still be available to stream on your home network.

On top of all of that, it also makes your media available to you outside of your home network. That’s right, Plex makes it incredibly easy to stream all the music and video on your home media server from outside your home network!

It’s really quite impressive what Plex has been able to put together and offer to the public for free – your ultimate media hub, capable of beautifully hosting your entire collection of audio and video files.

What do you need to run Plex?

It can run just about anywhere: your personal computer, on some Network Attached Storage, or an used computer that could be given a second life as a dedicated media server. Run it on a Windows machine, an Apple machine, or a Linux machine. Plex’s interoperability is admirable.

Do some research and find the best setup for yourself. If you run across any issues, there’s an entire Plex community willing to help you solve your problem.

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