Keep Your System Safe with Virtual Machines

Keep Your System Safe with Virtual Machines

January 8, 2018 Technology 0

Risky web surfing and downloading? Keep your computer safe by running all your risky digital-escapades on virtual machines. That is, on a computer that was built within your computer. Of course, these virtual machines are only active when you run the necessary software.

Some virtualization applications (software that helps you build and run your virtual machines) are free to download and use. So if it’s going to help keep your computer safe, why not use them?

Discover Virtual Box

New to this sort of thing? Check out the (perhaps overly) simplified steps below.

  1. Download, Install, and Run the virtualization software. Visit the VirtualBox website.
  2. Prepare the installation media for the virtual computer you’re going to create. See here for a free-to-download-and-use Operating System: Ubuntu.
  3. Finally, create your virtual machine with VirtualBox. See here for more help with this step.

Simple as that. Now, whenever you want to visit a possibly shady website, download a potentially malicious file, or run a plausibly dangerous application, try it all out on your virtual machine first. If things go haywire, destroy that machine and create a new one. No harm, no foul.

Of course, virtual machines have many more uses than to just carry out questionable activity online. Use them to run and learn different operating systems without the need to buy extra hardware or the fear that you might mess up your computer.

Have fun!

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