Would You Please Backup?

Protect What Really Matters, Backup Your Files

The most valuable thing about our technology is the data on it.

The files we accumulate throughout our lives are, in a sense, our lives.  The pictures we take, the music we listen to, and the documents we work hard to develop are all at risk, but we could easily secure them by taking a few cautionary steps.

Personally, I like to backup my files daily to a storage drive (USB or an external/internal hard disk drive) connected directly to my computer. Another backup is made monthly to a drive that is kept elsewhere.

Have you heard about differential backups?

Differential backups only update the files that have been modified, making the backup process a breeze. This type of backup essentially mirrors the files on your computer, so it does not offer different versions of your files, just the latest.

Also, you might want to save space on your storage drive by omitting system files during backups.

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