Two Drives, One PC

So, I’ve been watching YouTuber Carey Holzman, and the man is full of useful information. He’s a certified technician and is happy to share the different ways he troubleshoots, maintains, upgrades, and builds computer systems.

In more than one video, he pours himself an icy glass of Coca-Cola and proceeds to geek out.

He explains that Solid State Drives can significantly speed up a computer. That if we simply swap the Hard Disk Drive out with an SSD, our Personal Computers can run revitalized.

However, SSD’s are a bit expensive.

So Carey proposes that we use an SSD with enough space for the Operating System, but to use an HDD for storage since they’re cheaper. Brilliant!

These two drives complement each other – the SSD is used to run the system and other software, while the HDD would be used to hold data. To be clear, the storage drive does not replace the need for a backup drive, which will essentially be a mirror copy of the storage drive.

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