How to Keep Track of so Many Passwords

How to Keep Track of so Many Passwords

April 6, 2017 Technology 0
Fingerprints - a form of biometric security.

Passwords are hard to keep track of and annoying when we have to reset them.  So, until we figure out how to automatically verify our identities for every account on every platform, I think that alphanumeric phrases are our best bet to remember all of our accounts’ passwords.

Develop Your Own Password Generation Protocol

To make accounts tougher to hack, come up with your own rules for the manner in which you develop your passwords.  For example, a rule like: “Every last letter in a word is a capital”. So, if your passphrase (password phrase) is “I am the best”, then your password would be, “IaMthEbesT”. Of course, you also want to throw in other types of characters like numbers, dashes (-), dollar signs ($), ampersands (&), etc. into your passphrases.  So how about “I@MthEb3$T”?

It might also be helpful to assign passphrases dependent on the type of account you’re logging into. For example, “n3tw0rk!nG!Sg00D” for social-media-related accounts, and “Il!kEm0n3Y” for financial accounts.

We also need to change passphrases every so-often in order to make sure hackers have a closing window when it comes to cracking into our accounts.

Finally, default username and passwords for networking equipment is easily found online. Change the default information soon after plugging in new equipment.

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