How I Fell Out of Love With Drawing

I love others’ work. I often wonder if I could draw something as beautiful, then I think about that moment.

I used to draw a lot. I’m not saying I was an artist, but I had some skill.

Anyway, I remember drawing my aunt. She passed away during my high school years, so the drawing must have been during middle school, maybe elementary, I don’t really remember. My aunt was great, my drawing however, wasn’t.

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Two Drives, One PC

The two drives complement each other – the SSD is used to run the system while the HDD is used to hold data.

So I’ve been watching YouTuber Carey Holzman, and the man is full of useful information. He’s a certified technician and is happy to share the different ways he troubleshoots, maintains, upgrades, and builds computer systems.

In more than one video, he pours himself an icy glass of Coca-Cola and proceeds to geek out.

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Nicely Display Music in the Scion tC

I wanted to make sure my music displayed properly all the time. Here’s what I learned.

This post is about using a USB to play and nicely display music in a Scion tC, but it also applies to music kept on a smartphone.

The stock radio I have in my 2016 Scion tC is the Pioneer AXLP-Q16U T10071. It’s equipped with Gracenote, which is nice to have. When music plays, Gracenote displays an image of the song’s artist. If it doesn’t recognize the artist, it’ll display a generic image for the genre.

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A Quick Description of Plex

When I first heard about Plex I thought, “So what? I can access my media files without it”. Then I tried it.

What is the Plex Media Server Application?

First, imagine how nice it would be if you could have a Netflix-like environment for all of your favorite movies, TV shows, music, audiobooks, podcasts, and even personal media like pictures and home videos.

Then, stop fantasizing because that’s exactly what Plex does. It’s a service that runs on your media server (or computer) and nicely exhibits your media library.

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