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Carlos A. Mendoza

I don’t normally blog, but when I do, I like to blog based on my personal opinion, research, and experiences.

I’m Carlos, a Quality Assurance Specialist over at NORS Surveys, Inc. Essentially, I coach interviewers on techniques that improve the quality and quantity of surveys completed.

Interviewers are briefed and monitored to ensure that we present the survey accurately, collect respondents’ opinions without ambiguity or bias on our part, and provide respondents with a pleasant interviewing experience.

But I do other stuff too…

Web Projects

Check out the websites I’ve helped develop or update.

I developed, maintain, and serve Kimberly Hairstylist’s website since 2015, and I edited Media and Marketing Services, Inc.’s website in 2017.

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Far from an artist, but that shouldn’t stop us from having a little fun.